Welcome to the website and blog of Elisabeth Storrs, author of the Tales of Ancient Rome, an historical fiction series set in the early Roman Republic and the little known civilization of Etruria. Her first and second books, The Wedding Shroud and The Golden Dice are currently available. Her third book, Call to Juno, will be released in April 2016.

The Wedding Shroud was endorsed by Ursula Le Guin. In 2012 it was judged runner up in the Sharp Writ Book Awards in general fiction. The Golden Dice was endorsed by Sherry Jones, and has been named as a top memorable read for 2013 by Sarah Johnson, the reviews editor for Historical Novels Review. Check out Elisabeth’s Triclinium blog for reviews, interviews and posts on historical fiction and history. Elisabeth would also love you to connect with her on social media or contact her.

Elisabeth is offering a FREE copy of her short story, Dying for Rome: Lucretia’s Tale, when you subscribe to her newsletter.

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